We make high quality lamps and unique accessories to hang the lamps.
Handmade designs of pure oak, porcelain and concrete.

Every order we recieve is custom made!

If you need a different lamp or custom solution, please don't hesitate to contact us!

a nominated design

#Flowers nominated for the RIJKS studio award!

We created this beautiful porcelain lamp with the work of art of Pelargonium album bicolor by M. de Gijselaar, 1830. This aquarelle is part of the collection of the Rijksmuseum. read more

we love Art Deco

Pendant lamp & table lamp inspired by the Art Deco art movement.

The incidence of light brings the minimalist lines and geometrical surfaces to life. A beautiful decorative element in your home!

inspired by a wing beat

the joy of light

unique lighting and accessories for hanging lamps


Lighting is the biggest playground for us. We developed a collection of lamps and accessories with which you can hang the lamps. There is a perfect tailor-made solution for every place in the house. For example, our pendant lamp can become a stylish table lamp, but it is also suitable as an intimate wall lamp or becomes an attractive or monumental ceiling lamp with a few or many lamps together.
We design, produce and sell all our products online and from our studio in the center of Utrecht. Are you looking for unique design lighting that is also handmade and locally manufactured? Then be sure to discover our unique collection.
lots of fun
Beerd and Jeroen

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