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We, Beerd and Jeroen,

are the duo behind the lamp brand Hommage Department. Hommage Department arose from our friendship and shared passion for traditional design and production: literally keeping things in your own hands.

With an eye for detail

That is why our lamps – with an eye for detail – are made of pure materials such as wood, concrete and porcelain. A single lamp is immediately an eye-catcher in your home, but all those different lamps can also be combined very well and in their variety offer all possibilities for a playful composition devised by yourself.

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we have also developed and manufactured attractive accessories with which you can hang the lamps. There is a perfect tailor-made solution for every place in the house. For example, our pendant lamp can become a stylish table lamp, but it is also suitable as an intimate wall lamp or becomes an attractive or monumental ceiling lamp with a few or many lamps together.

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Your welcome

Our workplace and place is located in two impressive medieval wharf cellars on the Oude Gracht in the historic center of Utrecht. You are very welcome to view our lamps in real life and to see and hear what the possibilities are. We are happy to help those who become enthusiastic with advice. So if you are looking for a solution for good lighting at home or at work, if you want something special, something tailor-made, or if you want advice on drawing up a lighting plan: let us know.

For now,

have fun browsing our site. Feel free to call if you have any questions, or make an appointment right away to visit our studio in Utrecht.

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