#FOREST oak wood lamp


#FOREST pendant lamp is made of a beautiful piece of European oak. The wood is treated with an oil, which gives the grains their beautiful intense natural look. This minimalist design lamp, available in natural and dark smoked oak, offers many possibilities for playful combinations. Thanks to our unique range of handmade accessories for hanging the lamp. Choose your type: Single pendant lamp, Wall lamp, Table lamp, Floor lamp or one of the ceiling plates with several lamps. Then click on “Start your design” and immediately start combining your unique lamp set.

  • Single pendant lamp
  • Decentralized Lamp
  • Wall lamp
  • Wall lamp CRANE
  • Table lamp
  • Floor lamp
  • Wall to Ceiling Lamp
  • 2 Lamps - Oval
  • 3 lamps - straight
  • 5 lamps – straight
  • 5 lamps Twist
  • Cluster 3, 5 or 7 lamps
  • 3 Lamps - Round
  • 5 lamps - round
  • 7 Lamps round
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