MIKADO floor lamp holder


The beautiful #MIKADO floor lamp been carefully crafted from the finest piece of European oak. The pronounced construction forms an elegant interplay of lines and is easily set up. With a total height of 180 cm this floor lamp is unmistakably a real eycathcere in your home. The #MIKADO floor lamp offers space for 3 lamp holders of your choice. Give style to your interior with these unique floor lamp holder. Click on the button “start your design here” and compose your master piece or choose from one of our favorite combinations.

  • Lamp holder
  • Create your own design

This floor lamp include:

#MIKADO floor lamp holder for 3 lamps
Size: Height 180 cm
Manual inside

Choose the “Create Your Design” button
Lamp design of your choice

  • every lamp include an extra long cord of 4 meters. There is a switch with dimmer function on the cord to dim the light as desired.

LED bulb of your choice
Cable colour of your choice

Designed and made in Utrecht

Dimensions50 × 50 × 180 cm
Type of lamp

Multiple lamps


Concrete, Hardboard, Oak wood, Porcelain


Lamp holder, Create your own design

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